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Email marketing can be an extremely versatile tool in your marketing toolbox whether your goal is customer acquisition, building relationships or increasing brand awareness.

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Our Email Marketing Services

  • Email Marketing Audit

    Email Marketing Audit

    Our team will analyze the performance of your existing email marketing campaigns and provide prioritized recommendations on how to optimize them.

  • Email Marketing Automation

    Email Marketing Automation

    Segment your subscribers based on previous events, interests, and more and create automated email sequences sending the right emails to the right segments at the right time.

  • Email Marketing Content Creation

    Email Marketing Content Creation

    Our team of email marketing experts and content creators can help you craft the best personalized email content that drives high open and engagement rates.

  • Email Design

    Email Design

    Stand out from your competition with our custom email designs created with your brand and audience in mind - all emails render perfectly across all email clients and devices.

  • Newsletters


    We create engaging newsletter campaigns that keep your subscribers engaged. From planning, to crafting the emails, and setting up the campaigns, we can do it all.

  • Landing Pages

    Landing Pages

    Sometimes, email campaigns require great landing pages. We build fast landing pages with outstanding UX and UI optimized for your email marketing campaign goals.

  • Email Marketing Software Integration

    Email Marketing Software Integration

    Our team of email marketing experts and web developers can help you integrate your preferred email marketing software on your website. You can then generate new subscribers and build email marketing automations around your visitors.

What is email marketing and why do you need it?

Technically, each email you send out as a business can be considered email marketing. More accurately, however, email marketing is a process through which you reach specific business goals by sending targeted emails as part of a campaign.

Do you wonder how this even works? Here are some of the reasons email marketing is still so relevant even though it’s one of the oldest forms of online advertising:

  • Email marketing allows for very specific targeting of subscribers, based on historical events, their interests, and more.
  • Performance can easily be measured (and thus improved) because you can track opens, link clicks, bounces, conversions, and other engagement indicators.
  • Email marketing has the potential to generate more traffic and conversions than other marketing channels. After all, there are more than 4 billion daily email users.

Need another reason to set aside some budget for email marketing? The numerous automation options available make email marketing a great long-term investment as you can keep reaping the benefits of your campaigns long after you’ve set them up.

Why work with us?

An award-winning agency

Renowned as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bulgaria, Presitely delivers data-driven email marketing services that drive results.

Customizable email marketing plans

Presitely offers tailor-made email marketing services that align with your unique goals and budget. Our personalized solutions provide you with the best ROI for your business.

Proven Track Record

More than 96% of our clients gave us a 5-star rating. Our client testimonials and the case studies available on our website can demonstrate a history of successful projects.

Holistic digital marketing services

You can get a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services beyond email marketing, such as content marketing, web design, social media management, and paid advertising.

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See all case studies
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    Vic Lance
    President at Lance Surety Bonds

    “Vladimir and his team at Presitely take a creative approach towards developing marketing strategies that are customized to the individual needs of his clients. We would not be where we are today without his guidance and hard work. I give Vladimir and Presitely my strongest possible recommendation for their online marketing services.”

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    Silvia Ivanova
    Head of Growth Marketing at LimeChain

    “Achieving a 50% monthly increase in our organic traffic and overall requests in the middle of this year alone, we’ve definitely exceeded our initial target of only 10%. Presitely has done a really good job on our SEO.”

  • washington
    Eric Weisbrot
    Chief Marketing Officer at JW Surety Bonds

    “Web development is expensive, so finding the right fit for our budget was crucial. Presitely is a great value, as their expertise doesn't come with a gigantic price tag.”

Frequently Asked Questions

This largely depends on factors such as your the complexity of the campaigns, your goals, the size of your audience, and others. However, email marketing is typically considered one of the cheapest forms of marketing because it can be easily automated.

Of course, there are initial costs associated with building a strategy, writing content, etc. However, once set up, you can reap the benefits of your email marketing campaigns for a long time without additional costs.

There’s no magic rule for the number of emails you need to send, however, you need to seek the right balance. Sending less emails could result in missed opportunities and lack of engagement with your subscribers. Sending too many emails, on the other hand, could potentially lead to users unsubscribing from your list or even flagging your emails as spam.

When it comes to newsletters, as a rule of thumb, send at least one email per month and no more than 1 or 2 emails per week. However, use your own judgment before trusting numbers as different businesses have different goals and acceptable frequency of interacting with their subscribers.

To design an email that converts, you need to know your audience well. A more personal text-based email will work for some, while other audiences will require a more modern, visually-rich type of email.

The conversion rate of your email will also depend on what type of business you have. Ecommerce businesses typically benefit from visually enhanced emails for purposes such as special offers, coupon codes, and others. A B2B business, however, might find that their buying funnel is a lot longer. This is why they typically need to nurture each relationship with a longer set of emails, taking the time to build trust with your prospects.

The tone of voice you should use in your email depends on (surprise, surprise) your audience as well.

Some people suggest writing an email as you’d normally express yourself and then editing based on what your audience is expecting. However, your email should always sound like it was written by a human being (as opposed to a robot) even if you are addressing a more formal audience. Don’t be afraid to use humor (sparingly) and try to be consistent in your brand voice.