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About Lance Surety Bonds

Lance Surety Bonds is one of the top surety bond agencies in the U.S. They help business owners in all 50 states get the surety bonds they need in order to start and legally operate their business. the agency offers all types of surety bonds at competitive prices and with an outstanding customer service.

The Challenge
We were asked by Lance Surety Bonds to improve their organic search rankings, traffic, and conversions.

How We Helped Lance Surety Bonds

We started with an initial in-depth research and planning. We found that the requirements for the surety bonds, offered by Lance Surety, can be confusing for potential customers and can greatly vary per industry and state. It's also the reason why most of the users in need of a surety bond start their buying journey with a search in Google.

Buyer Persona

After the initial research, we developed several buyer personas covering the main types of businesses serviced by Lance Surety Bonds. Among other things, we detailed the main stages of the buying funnel for each persona and the type of content they are searching for online per stage.

Content Marketing Strategy and Execution

We developed a content marketing plan and, over time, we created a number of content assets published on the client’s website and other influential relevant websites. Each content was optimized for specific keywords, targeting the buyer persona for every stage of the buying journey.

The main types of content we created:

  • Web Copy

    Web Copy

    We optimized the existing product pages and created new ones targeting surety-bond-related search terms per region (mostly per state).

  • Blog Posts

    Blog Posts

    We created blog posts targeting search queries related to the top and middle stages of the buying funnel.

  • Guest Articles

    Guest Articles

    We published relevant and helpful articles on high-quality websites visited frequently by Lance Surety’s target audience (buyer personas).

  • Educational Videos

    Educational Videos

    We created animated videos explaining how surety bonds work and how to get bonded.

  • Ebooks


    We created, published, and promoted educational ebooks targeting potential customers in different stages of the buying funnel.

  • Infographics


    We created and published relevant infographics on Lance Surety’s website and on other high-quality websites, generating thousands of shares and improving the client’s brand awareness.


Since we started working with Lance Surety Bonds:

Organic search traffic increased by

1st month:

7,131 visits

Last month:

48,284 visits

  • Overall traffic increased by

  • Referral traffic increased by

  • Conversions increased by


What our client says:

Vladimir and his team at Presitely take a creative approach towards developing marketing strategies that are customized to the individual needs of his clients. We would not be where we are today without his guidance and hard work. I give Vladimir and Presitely my strongest possible recommendation for their online marketing services.

Victor J. Lance
Victor J. Lance
President/Owner of Lance Surety Bonds

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