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What is content marketing and why do you need it?

You may have heard the old “Content is king” cliché but what exactly is content marketing and how does it relate to your business’ bottom line?

Simply put, content marketing is a way to attract, win and retain customers using highly-targeted useful content. Here are some of the ways this happens:

  • Optimized content, which ranks high in search results, can help your website reach more people with search queries relevant to your business.
  • Your content can address specific pain points your audience is trying to solve, thus providing exposure for your products or services.
  • A well-planned content strategy can position your business as the reliable go-to source for information in your industry.

What else makes content marketing worth your time? While leads from paid advertising cease to come as soon as you stop paying, content marketing is different. Successful content marketing campaigns can keep bringing customers in the long-run with virtually no additional action (or expenses) on your side.

Check out our services below and contact us for a free consultation to see how content marketing can be one of the best long-term investments for your business! can make!

Content Marketing Services

Our Content Marketing Process

Content marketing can be tremendously profitable for your business but it must be done right. Simply producing content without a having a strategy is akin to shooting in the dark.

This is why we carefully plan each step of your content marketing strategy and make sure it’s coherent before we start its execution. Here’s what this process looks like.


Each industry is different which is why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches.

Before we start planning your strategy, we gather in-depth knowledge of your business, your competitors, and the industry as a whole. This allows us to produce expertly written content which is consistent with your brand voice and contributes to your business goals.

Content Audit

As a next step, we take a look at your existing content efforts to evaluate their effectiveness and suggest possible improvements.

  • Content architecture audit

    Imagine a supermarket with no signs on the shelves and with unrelated items placed next to each other. That would make it quite hard for people to find what they are looking for. The same goes for the content on your website. Ensuring you have a well-structured content architecture means your visitors can quickly find the information they are looking for.

  • Keyword research

    You may be producing outstanding content but failing to target the right keywords can severely limit its visibility online. As part of our content audit, we optimize existing pieces of content and ensure that newly created ones are optimized for search engines and search intent.

  • Buying funnel optimization

    Are you nudging your visitors down a clearly defined funnel ending with them becoming customers? We’ll audit your content to make sure it’s targeting visitors at the right stage of their buyer’s journey.

Content Marketing Strategy & Consulting

At this stage, we begin the actual planning of your content strategy. If you already have a strategy in place, we can offer consultation services.

  • Buyer persona development

    Do you know who your ideal customers are? Many businesses approach their marketing without a clearly defined audience in mind leading to subpar results. We take our time to build a profile of your typical customer (buyer persona) which then helps us craft a better content strategy. We learn as much as we can about customers’ challenges and questions so we can later create content to addresses them. <br /> We also optimize your marketing budget by developing the so-called “negative” buyer personas, meaning visitors who look like they might become customers but rarely do or do so at a much higher cost.

  • Content publishing plan

    After identifying who we want to address, we start planning for the best way to reach them. This means choosing the best channels and type of content for each buyer persona at each step of their buying journey.

Content Creation

For the actual execution of the content marketing strategy, we keep a number of factors in mind.

First of all, each piece of content is held up to a high standard ensuring certain criteria are always met.At a minimum, each piece targets one of the already defined buyer personas and resolves a particular challenge at a particular stage of the buying funnel.

We also optimize every content asset for one major keyword and for several related ones to get more exposure and target the right audience.

Finally, we make sure each piece serves a particular purpose, whether it’s building links, increasing sales or promoting brand awareness.

Content Promotion

Targeting the right people with optimized content is great but you can achieve even more if you promote your content through the right channels.

To get exposure for your publications, we take the time to join, participate and build influence in the most relevant online communities. We are also successful at creating thriving online communities ourselves, allowing us to leverage our content promotion efforts even more.

Reporting & Performance Optimization

To prove we stand behind our content marketing strategies, we do not shy away from detailed analytical reports. Based on your business goals, we create KPI reports which best reflect the results we have achieved in executing our content marketing strategy.

KPI reports also help us with performance optimization. As we carefully monitor the performance of each type of content, we can continually optimize future campaigns and tweak existing ones for even better results.

Content Marketing Best Practices

Have a clear plan and strategy

As we already pointed out, a marketing strategy helps you achieve your goals by minimizing guesswork and ensuring your budget is not wasted. Having hunches is great but you should never rely on your intuition alone when it comes to marketing.

Planning your marketing activities helps you go beyond ROI. A well-planned strategy ensures your voice is coherent and helps you build a solid brand identity.

Be informative

Even though we say content marketing will affect your bottom line, we don’t mean that your content should be a long line of sales pitches.

On the contrary, visitors are a lot more likely to value your company (and ultimately convert to customers) if your content is informative and provides value. Nobody likes feeling like they’ve been tricked into reading something just to make them buy a product or a service.

Write for your target audience, not just for search engines

You may hear this a lot but when writing content you should have a particular buyer persona in mind, and not Google’s search bot. Keyword optimization is important but you should never write a piece of content solely for search engines.

If you get a landing page to rank well in search results, but fail to account for search intent or your visitor’s particular needs, you will have a hard time converting them.

Publish frequently

Statistics consistently show that successful marketers publish content frequently.

One of the purposes of content marketing is to build brand awareness. Publishing content regularly is a great way to achieve your goals and build an audience which considers your website as the go-to place for new and valuable information.

Measure, analyze, and continuously improve

Take the time to analyze and measure the results of your marketing campaigns. This is the only way to ensure that you deliver quality content aligned with your business goals.

What works today might not work tomorrow so making a habit of constantly analyzing your performance will help you improve your content marketing ROI in the long-run.


While metrics and analyses are important, you shouldn’t become so obsessed with them that you are afraid to experiment.

You never know where your next marketing breakthrough will come from and just because something didn’t work for someone else, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Going off the beaten path can also help you stand out among your competitors and boost the popularity of your content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does content marketing cost?

    This depends on factors such as your industry, the quantity of the content produced and, most importantly, your business goals. The reason we insist on building a good strategy first is precisely so that your marketing budget is spent where it will bring the highest ROI.

    However, keep in mind that content marketing is an investment which keeps paying off in the long run, unlike paid advertising which relies on a constant budget to succeed.

  • Is content marketing right for a B2B company?

    The answer to this questions is an unequivocal “yes”! While coming up with fresh and engaging content for B2B industries is typically perceived as difficult (bordering on impossible), wе beg to differ.

    We have been successful in creating content marketing strategies for our B2B clients which have resulted in great increases in engagement, traffic, and ultimately, conversions.

  • Will a page you wrote rank on page 1 in Google?

    “Yes, every time!” is what we’d like to say but we prefer to be honest. We stay current with all SEO and content marketing best practices, ensuring that each piece of content we write is held up to the highest standards.

    While this certainly increases your chances of ranking on page 1, there are factors beyond the quality of the content which will affect the end results. That being said, we’re also experts in the technical aspects of SEO. We can further increase your chance of ranking well by implementing a technical SEO audit of your website.

  • Why should I give away content for free?

    Unless selling content is your business, then there are plenty of reasons to provide content for free.

    For starters, if your company is not a popular one, locking away content is not going to help your visibility. Striving to provide value, on the other hand, is likely to make people come to appreciate your brand, nudging them closer to becoming your customers. Over time, you’ll be perceived as an authority on a given topic, which will give your business even more exposure.

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