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About Skrill

Skrill is an online payment provider that offers advanced payment solutions suitable for all businesses. Skrill operates in more than 120 countries, offering 100+ payment methods in over 40 different currencies. Some of their most popular B2B products include their single-integration Quick Checkout, Skrill Digital Wallet, Rapid Transfer, and integration with all major shopping carts and eCommerce platforms.


Presitely had the task to create and execute a Digital Marketing Strategy for Skrill Business that involved creating a B2B content marketing plan and developing the social media presence for Skrill Business. The main goal of the content marketing strategy was to grow the organic search traffic to the business section on Skrill’s website, promote their business solutions, and increase the number of business leads.


Skrill was successfully acquiring new business clients through various industry events, offline campaigns, and advertising. However, we saw an opportunity to create a more interactive and comprehensive area of the website for businesses, specifically clients who knew the brand and wanted to learn more about the solutions Skrill offer and how to integrate them. The B2B side of the website needed to be enhanced with product pages and integration guides. It didn’t yet have a blog, a Q&A section, or other content that would appeal to potential customers who had not yet been introduced to the brand.

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Our team started by creating a content marketing strategy for Skrill Business and developed detailed buyer personas.

The content marketing plan involved creating a new Business News section on the website where we could publish articles targeting the buyer personas in all stages of the buying funnel.

Our team also suggested creating landing pages targeting branded search terms with high search volume for which there was no content yet on the website. These terms were related to the registration process, Skrill’s compatibility with different shopping carts, and various product-related questions. The pages that had been ranking for these search terms on Google were from third-party websites that were not reliable and were attracting a large volume of high-quality organic traffic.

Creating the Business News section on the website opened the gates to publishing informative and relevant B2B content on an ongoing basis. All content that we published was optimized for search engines and the target audience. The SEO focus of our articles, combined with the high domain authority, helped these articles start ranking high on Google soon after publishing.

Over the years, our team created valuable content for merchants from all verticals and stages of the buying funnel in the form of landing pages and educational articles supported by CTA banners and helpful infographics.

Our content had the goal to position Skrill as a thought leader in its industry, educate business owners, and provide easy-to-digest information about Skrill's products and services.

Our team also worked closely with Skrill to create the first merchant FAQ pages (for new and existing merchants) based on the most common questions found in our keyword research.


Our team helped Skrill's business side of the website get indexed on Google and reach first-page rankings

of the content we’ve published ranks in the top 3 on Google for the target keywords
of the blog posts rank in the top 5 on Google for the target keywords


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  • “Vladimir and his team at Presitely take a creative approach towards developing marketing strategies that are customized to the individual needs of his clients. We would not be where we are today without his guidance and hard work. I give Vladimir and Presitely my strongest possible recommendation for their online marketing services.”

    Vic Lance
    President at Lance Surety Bonds
  • “Achieving a 50% monthly increase in our organic traffic and overall requests in the middle of this year alone, we’ve definitely exceeded our initial target of only 10%. Presitely has done a really good job on our SEO.”

    Silvia Ivanova
    Head of Growth Marketing at LimeChain
  • “Web development is expensive, so finding the right fit for our budget was crucial. Presitely is a great value, as their expertise doesn't come with a gigantic price tag.”

    Eric Weisbrot
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