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Bryant Surety Bonds is a leading surety bond provider in the US, with more than 25,000 clients and more than 13 years of experience. They help business owners in all 50 states get the surety bonds they need in order to legally operate their business.

Visitors can get a free surety bond quote for their business by completing the online application available on their website.


We’ve been working with Bryant Surety Bonds since 2014. Over the years we’ve created hundreds of educational pages that rank high in the organic search results, attracting thousands of monthly visitors from all stages of the buying funnel.

Our goal was to convert more of the website visitors into surety bond applicants. In other words, we had to increase the overall conversion rate of the website.

The Challenge

The main goal of the website is to generate applications for a free surety bond quote. Typically, quotes are based on the financial strength of the business owner. That’s why in order to obtain a firm quote, business owners need to complete an application form that has nearly 20 fields, which requires some level of commitment.

The majority of new business owners don’t know what surety bonds are and how much they cost. That’s why a large percentage of the website visitors were coming from organic search, attracted by the educational content available on the website. These visitors are typically in their research phase and have a lower incentive to engage with a demanding application that has more than 20 fields.

The challenge was to find a way to better engage with visitors who are still researching and gently push them down the buying funnel, potentially winning them as customers over time.

The solution

We created the first online surety bond cost calculator that was able to provide a ballpark estimate based on only 4 input fields (instead of 20) representing the most important factors determining the bond price.

While the calculator didn’t give a firm quote, it did provide a price range of what your surety bond would cost.

In return for a name and email address, visitors were able to receive an instant ballpark estimate. No demanding forms, no waiting for approvals.

We embedded the calculator on key educational landing pages that we knew were attracting visitors that were researching for their bond cost.

We added a strong CTA offering users to get a firm quote after getting their ballpark estimate.

Lead generation calculator

All calculator leads were then added to a lead-nurturing email campaign that had the goal to win them as customers over time.

The results

The calculator generated more than 620 additional surety bond cost calculator leads each month.

Visitors who engaged with the calculator had a 2x higher probability to apply for a surety bond quote within the same session.

The calculator email campaign had a 6x higher conversion rate than the average for the website.

Additional monthly leads
Higher session conversion rate
Higher user conversion rate
“I have worked with Presitely for over 6 years now and would absolutely recommend them. Always responsive, they do things the right way!”
Todd Bryant
Todd Bryant
President at Bryant Surety Bonds

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