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Presitely is a team of young creative people who deliver outstanding digital marketing services for clients all over the world. We love what we do and we do SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Web and Graphic Design, PPC, CRO and more.

Every solution that we provide is customized and focused on the business goals of the client. Our holistic and tailored approach, combined with our passion and dedication, is what sets us apart.

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The Team

  • Rosen Stoyanov


    "Rosen types on his keyboard on a daily basis and produces code. He is a web developer. His interests span over a wide range - from basketball and rock climbing to racing drones and 3D printing. He also enjoys music."

  • Kiril Dimitrov


    "Kiril is a web developer, passionate about the whole web development cycle. His experience includes front-end development, back-end development and SEO. He likes reading about philosophy, emerging technologies, physics and the Universe."

  • Hristo Georgiev


    "Hristo makes developer's lives hard. Passionate about all things UX and loves to create eBooks. Creative at Presitely."

  • Silviya Sotirova

    Project Manager / Content Marketing Manager

    "Silviya is our digital marketing manager responsible for the planning and execution of marketing strategies for our clients. Her professional experience includes content marketing, SEO, social media management, brand management, journalism, blogging and more!"

  • Lachezar Stamatov

    Content Marketing Manager

    "Lachezar is our digital marketing manager responsible for the planning and execution of comprehensive digital marketing strategies on behalf of our clients. His experience includes content marketing, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing and more!"

  • Milena Arabadjieva

    Social Media Specialist

    "Milena is a social media outreach expert with years of experience in different industries. She's helped many clients improve their brand awareness online."

  • Victor Grigorov

    Content Marketing Expert

    "Victor is part of the content management and editing team, and is very passionate in everything he does. He is 1 part caring, 2 parts adventurous, 2 parts nerd, and 3 parts funny. Some even say his charm casts a shadow when he walks the streets."

  • Ivan Petkov

    Content Creator

    "Ivan is one of Presitely's minds responsible for content creation. From insurance, medical, and finance to data management and data security systems, he's covered a wide spectrum of topics and industries over the years he's been around."

  • Ralitsa Golemanova

    Content Creator

    "Ralitsa has been dedicated to the written word online as a content creator for more than five years. When she's not in her copywriting mode, she is working on documentary films, or trekking up a nearby mountain peak."

  • Kalo Sofiiski


    "Kalo is our PPC guy. Skilled in both Display and Search, he oversees our clients' campaigns across adverstising platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook Ads Manager and various RTB platfoms. Apart from managing budgets for positive ROAS Kalo likes sports, video games, the outdoors and is an animal lover."

  • Betina Georgieva

    Social Media Marketing Intern

    "Betina is a marketing student with a passion for social media and an apple's worst enemy. Skipping lunch at Presitely."

  • Vladimir Yordanov


    "Vladimir is the founder and managing director at Presitely."

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